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100 THINGS TO DO IN 2009

1. Keep my promises.
2. Lose weight.
3. Discover new music.
4. New hairstyle.
5. Make a video.
6. Roadtrips to Sonic.
7. Figure out a major / what I want to do, school-wise.
8. Take more photos.
9. Be closer with my family.
10. Keep my room clean.
11. Vacation to Wildwood.
12. Bamboozle.
13. Warped Tour.
14. Play in the snow.
15. Bake more (but not eat it all.)
16. Read more books.
17. Use all the lotion and bath products I already own.
18. Keep in touch with friends away at school.
19. Get back into sewing and being crafty.
20. Go to the beach in the winter.
21. Go to the city more often.
22. Practice painting.
23. Buy a Livelavalive tshirt.
24. Go to the Rainforest Cafe.
25. Study more for tests.
26. Go to a Halloween party.
27. Cash in the arcade tickets I have at Seaside.
28. Go to Nintendoworld.
29. Play badmitten in the summer.
30. Do a winter activity (snowboarding, skiing.)
31. Go ice skating.
32. See the Christmas tree in the city.
33. Have a Staples softball game.
34. Go white water rafting.
35. Take a trip somewhere different.
36. Buy Rock Band / Guitar Hero.
37. Write a story / poem / song lyrics.
38. Learn to cook and make dinner more often.
39. Buy my brother a real birthday gift.
40. Go to the Statue of Liberty.
41. Keep up with a TV show series.
42. Visit grandma more often and hangout with her in Hoboken.
43. Meet Shane Henderson.
44. Bake an extravagant ace-of-cakes style dessert.
45. Buy everyone a birthday card when it's their birthday.
46. Learn to use the coffeepot.
47. Get another tattoo.
48. Drink more water and less soda.
49. Make icepops in the summer.
50. Invent some sort of useful tool that will help my life.
51. Keep a small datebook in my bag.
52. Organize all the random papers floating around my room.
53. Join a gym.
54. Save money instead of spend it all.
55. Finish everything on my weekly / daily to-do lists.
56. Keep my fish alive for another year.
57. Make things out of all the cantabs I have.
58. Fix my printer or get a new one.
59. Eat at Mesa Grill.
60. Make a gingerbread house.
61. Have karaoke night.
62. Update my livejournal regularly.
63. Enter a contest of some sort.
64. Make something with all the seashells I've collected.
65. Get another piercing, probably somewhere on my ear.
66. Resurrect my bass guitar.
67. Send a postsecret.
68. Build a sandcastle.
69. Go swimming more in the summer.
70. Keep my car clean (interior and exterior... and the trunk too.)
71. Play till 2000 in Rummy.
72. Subscribe to a magazine.
73. Decorate all my memory boxes.
74. Make a scrapbook, or two.
75. Paint my sewing box, and clean it out too.
76. Send letters to friends randomly.
77. Keep practicing Italian (even though I'm not taking the class anymore.)
78. Play Dance Dance Revolution more often.
79. Make out-of-state friends.
80. Have a pool party.
81. Have a Monopoly party.
82. Go apple picking.
83. Go fishing / crabbing.
84. Fly a kite.
85. Wear a Burger King crown for a whole day.
86. Donate money to charity.
87. Have a garage / bake sale.
88. Color Easter eggs.
89. Do a weird science experiment.
90. Find my rock tumbler and use it.
91. See the Graduate again.
92. Watch the sunrise over the ocean.
93. Build a snowman.
94. Make a chocolate sculpture of something.
95. Go to Fright Fest at Six Flags.
96. Keep a recipe box / card holder.
97. Go to the Wax Museum.
98. Have a picnic in the park.
99. Summer night trips to Hoboken with friends.
100. Be myself and don't change for anyone.

i'm keeping this post public.
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